‘SectAway is honored to have been chosen as a finalist!



‘SectAway is the patent pending mosquito repellent system developed by Wood Originals, LLC.  It combines fashion and function with an attractive, reusable wood bead bracelet (or other jewelry piece), a botanical, essential oil repellent, and a ceramic storage dish and diffuser.


Apply a few drops of repellent on the bracelet to wear throughout the day.  Refresh frequently to optimize repellent properties.  At night, add a few more drops and place the bracelet in the ceramic dish.  Replace the lid and place dish on your night stand or in a small area, such as a tent, to repel mosquitoes while you sleep!


Each ceramic dish and jewelry item are individually HAND-made and one-of-a-kind!


'SectAway Ceramic Dish & Bracelet


About 'SectAway

Vector-borne illnesses are on the rise, both in the US and abroad.  Mosquitoes kill about a million people every year, mostly from malaria.  However, Zika and chickungunya are spreading in the southern US and West Nile Virus is endemic in many areas.  Preventing mosquito bites is becoming more important than ever!

There are 2 types of repellents: contact and spatial.  Contact repellents, like DEET, work by irritating the mosquito when it lands on you and preventing a bite.  Small areas of uncovered skin can still be bit.  Spatial repellents emit an odor in a “column of air” that keeps mosquitoes from approaching.

A number of spatial repellent devices have flooded the market in recent years, notably plastic coiled bracelets based on citronella.  These have 3 issues: they’re disposable; they have an industrial appearance; and citronella is not a very effective repellent.

‘SectAway is an entirely new, patent pending, repellent system!  It addresses the issues of other wearable devices in that it is reusable, attractive, and uses botanical essential oils shown to be 97.5% effective at repelling mosquitoes.


Each 'SectAway set comes with:

  1. A one-of-a-kind, HAND-made, ceramic storage dish and diffuser

  2. A one-of-a-kind, HAND-made, adjustable wood bead jewelry piece

  3. A dropper bottle of botanical insect repellent made with a blend of essential oils to repel mosquitoes


The Ceramic Dish  

The ceramic dish that is part of every ‘SectAway set is a HAND-made piece of art! Created by http://www.michikoshimada.com based on my specifications, each one is unique!

The dish serves as a storage dish for your bracelet and essential oils. In addition, it can serve as a diffuser of the repellents in a small area, such as on your nightstand or in a tent.

There are several designs and color combinations to choose from!


The Wood Bead Jewelry  

Each ‘SectAway set includes a jewelry item to hold the essential oil repellent. Most sets will have bracelets, but anklets and necklaces will also be available.

Each jewelry item is individually HAND-crafted. The pattern and bead selection are such that each is a one-of-a-kind creation. Compared to other wearable repellent devices, ‘SectAway look like part of your ensemble!

The bracelets were designed to hold and release the essential oils with maximum efficiency! The spiral design and surface-to-volume ratio increase the area available to adsorb the oils and slowly release the repellent.

The clasp is designed to be easy to use and secure. All metal items are nickel-free to avoid irritation.

The spiral design also makes the jewelry adjustable to give a custom fit! Many designs are unisex as well!


The Botanical Insect Repellent  

The ‘SectAway Botanical Insect Repellent is different from that of most other wearable devices! It is based on essential oils shown to be more effective than citronella at repelling mosquitoes. Furthermore, it is highly concentrated. It has been carefully designed to maximize the release of compounds the mosquitoes hate!