Are ’SECTAWAY chemical-free?

  • “Chemical-free” is a marketing term that does not have a definition.  All matter is chemistry!  However, ’SECTAWAY use DEET-free, botanical, essential oils.

Are ’SECTAWAY nickel-free?

  • The clasp and logo tag were carefully selected to be nickel-free.  If you are especially concerned, a custom piece could be made without metal components.

Are ’SECTAWAY essential oils organically sourced?

  • The “organic” label has been misused and does not necessarily mean products are safer.  The essential oils are sourced to be as pure and potent as possible with a minimum of risks to the user.

Are ’SECTAWAY made with all natural components?

  • The term “natural” has no legal nor commercial definition.  Care has been taken to select materials with minimal processing, such as simple dyed cotton, unfinished wood beads, and high purity essential oils.

Are ’SECTAWAY made in the USA?

  • Currently all ’SECTAWAY jewelry are hand-made in Washington State by Monica Wood and the ceramic dishes are made in New York by Michiko Shimada.

Are ’SECTAWAY waterproof?

  • The essential oils do not readily dissolve nor wash away in water.  Hand-washing will not remove the oils appreciably.  We do recommend refreshing the oils after swimming.

What are the essential oils in ’SECTAWAY?

  • ’SECTAWAY are made with a proprietary combination of essential oils, including lemongrass and lemon eucalyptus.  Frequent reapplication is necessary for them to be effective.

Do ’SECTAWAY repel ticks?

  • The current formulation does NOT repel ticks.  Future versions may include a tick repellent which could be included in the essential oils.

Do ’SECTAWAY really work?

  • Everyone’s chemistry is different and some people attract more mosquitoes than others.  If citronella candles and similar products have been effective in the past for you, then ’SECTAWAY are likely to be as well.