Why Choose 'SectAway?

‘SectAway is a unique, innovative, and patent pending system designed to be a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, efficient, attractive, and effective way to “keep bugs away the fashionable way!”

  •  VALUE:  ‘SectAway can last for years and require only a few drops of concentrated repellent per use.  Over the course of a few mosquito seasons, it will cost a LOT less than the accumulated cans of spray or discarded coiled bracelets!
  • REUSABLE:  Compared to other wearable devices, ‘SectAway are reusable and contribute significantly less waste to landfills!  Even compared to sprays, there is less packaging to throw away!
  • EFFICIENT:  The best repellent is the one you’ll actually use!  The attractive ‘SectAway dish can position your set where YOU prepare for your day: your nightstand, vanity, next to your jewelry box….!  It is quick and easy to use!
  • ATTRACTIVE:  Your ‘SectAway jewelry and ceramic storage dish/diffuser are one-of-a-kind pieces of art!  You can be proud to wear your jewelry as part of your ensemble and display the dish as part of your decor!
  • EFFECTIVENESS:  The proprietary ‘SectAway essential oil blend kept 97.5% of mosquitoes away for at least 2 1/2 hours in chamber testing with Aedes aegypti mosquitoes!  Future testing will help show how long it can last and how large an area is protected.
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